Bismarck and his Great Danes

alamogreatdaneclub-03For his last interview, published in 1890. in Daily Telegraph, Otto von Bismarck received journalist at his home in the company of his two huge Great Danes. His love for this breed dated back to the his college days. In that time this breed didn’t had official name.

During his college days Otto had his first dog that was called Vilhelm. After Vilhelm in 1870 during the war he had Great Dane that was called Mustang. Through the history many historian considered Bismarck to be cruel ruler. This picture of Bismarck was contradictory to the picture where he share food from his plate with his dogs. After Mustang, Bismarck had Gread Dane called Sultan and after Sultan he had Tairas. There is even famous sculpture that was made by sculptor Klajn. On this sculpture he present Otto von Bismarck together with his dog Tairas.

Bismarck was big lover of this unique breed. He was delighted by heir beauty, their grace and their strength and power. Great Dane is very old breed, dated 400 BC. The place of origin is are between today Germany, France, and Spain, area called Galicia. Great Dane is very loyal breed, they can have only one master. Nevertheless they are great family dog, they are very gentle with children. They are also very good in contact with other dogs. If you are the owner, you must make sure they receive proper training while they are quite young. You must take them through the period of socialization with other dogs and other people. They are quite easy going dogs, after the puberty, they become very relax, they can sleep for hours. Great Deans can live in a flat, they are actually much better for flat than some other smaller breeds. They are very slow, and no matter their size, they will not break your things round the house.

alamogreatdaneclub-02Socialization and early train are crucial. If you do this part right you will have no problems in the future. However if you don’t do this right you may face some serious problems. If they are not socialized on time, thy can become aggressive toward other dogs. Controlling and stopping dog of this size in that moments is very, very hard. After six months your Great Dane will weighs at least 18kg this already a quite big dog. Training them latter when they are older, is much harder, because of their size and strength. If they are train as young dogs, they are easy to work with. In the past they were crossed with one purpose, to get the best possible dog for the hunting wild boars. Today, they are great companion, silent and extremely loyal. They are great for the house keeping, they will not bark a lot, but if it’s needed they can react quite fast and wit aggression.

Otto von Bismarck was huge lover of this breed. Probably thanks to him, today we have them.

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